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Directions for water collection for coliform bacteria test (basic test for drinking water safety):

• Obtain a sample bottle from AddyLab or drop-off sites at the Woodland Hi-School Pharmacy or the Battle Ground Ace Hardware.

• Residential samples should be taken from an inside tap.
Do not rinse the sample container, it contains small white granules.
• Remove any screens, aerator, or any other devices.
 • Clean the spigot with household bleach.
• Run the cold water for 2 minutes.
 • Remove the seal from the bottle.
 Do not touch the inside of the cap or bottle, they are sterile.
 • Unscrew the cap and fill the bottle to the 100 mL line.
• Deliver sample to AddyLab or drop-off locations so that the sample may be analyzed within 24 hours of sampling.
Complete the information on bacteriological form, including name, date and time of collection, sample address, and mailing address and phone numbers.
Click here to download Washington Coliform Analysis Form.
Click here to download Oregon Coliform Bacteria Form.
Click here to download Oregon Real Estate Transaction Form.
Click here for our Recommended Procedure for Disinfection of Contaminated Wells
Contact AddyLab at 360-750-0055 for questions or instructions on sampling for other tests.