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Frequently Asked Questions?
Can I test for everything?
 Yes, but there are hundreds of water tests and it would cost thousands of dollars. Coliform bacteria, nitrate, arsenic, and lead tests cover most common health issues in drinking water. Iron is a nuisance, not usually a health issue, and is often found in well water.
How much does it cost for a water test?
 Call AddyLab for current fee information (360) 750-0055.
How long does water testing take?
The turn around time for coliform bacteria test is one day. Nitrates and fluoride are tested once a week. Other tests, like the arsenic and lead, may require 8-10 working days. Extra costs may be paid to rush samples to 4-6 days.
How do I know if the water from my well is safe to drink?
Only by laboratory testing for bacteria or chemicals can you assure your water is safe. If coliform bacteria are present, dangerous bacteria and viruses may be in your drinking water. In the Pacific Northwest another concern is the naturally occurring contaminate arsenic. The only way to determine if you have a safe level of arsenic, or any arsenic at all, is to test your water.
What causes rotten-egg smell from my well water?
 Hydrogen sulfide, the rotten-egg smell, may be caused by sulfate-reducing bacteria, water heaters, natural sources or contamination.
Where are you located?
 2517 East Evergreen Blvd. Vancouver (Click here for Directions / Map)
Do you have other places I can pick up bottles?
 Yes. You can pick up bottles at these locations:

  • Woodland Hi-School Pharmacy (return samples Monday - Wednesday).
    Sample pickup will be Tuesday through Thursday.

 • Battle Ground Ace Hardware (return only on Sunday - Wednesday).
    Pickup will be Monday through Thursday.

 • New Drop Off Location:

Haase Watch & Clock Repair
1220 Ocean Beach Highway
Longview, WA
Pick up is at 8:00 AM Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
Please drop off your sample the day before.
How can I pay for my testing?

Cash, check, credit, and debit cards are accepted at AddyLab.

At the Battle Ground Ace Hardware and Woodland Hi-School Pharmacy payment is by cash and checks only.

Cash payments only please at Haase Watch & Clock Repair.

I tested my water before - Do I need to test it again?
 EPA recommends testing your well for bacteria and nitrate annually. For other tests, consult with the AddyLab staff.
What tests are required for WAVE permit in Clark County?

-Coliform Bacteria
You obtain the bottles from us. We send a report to you and you provide the report to the county.

What do I do if I find coliform bacteria in my well?
 Click here for our Recommended Procedure for Disinfection of Contaminated Wells.